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What’s in the next issue?

The spring issue of MIDIRS Midwifery Digest offers a variety of compelling maternity care articles, covering the antenatal and postpartum period. Here, we look at just some of the articles that will appear in the next issue.

Hot Topic

Learning from the past and building a better future through the lens of a professional midwifery advocate; healing wounds from a decade of midwifery – Kayleigh Darling

Evidence Based Midwifery

The effectiveness of online psychotherapy interventions for the treatment of perinatal mental health disorders: a systematic review – Rachel Black, Marlene Sinclair, Paul Miller et al

How can Big Data be used to answer public health research questions? – Hafi Saad, Brendan P Bunting, Julie EM McCullough

Midwifery & Education

Virtual Reality Learning Environments – reconfiguring clinical practice situated in health care education – Denyse King

The use of Cultural Safety Huddle and Handover guides to improve care delivery for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic patients – Hannah Alice King

Promoting women’s health and well-being for black women – Katie Jones

Creating a partnership of care in clinical practice: a student midwife’s reflection – Nicole Rajan-Brown


Making different choices – supporting pregnant women requesting care outside recommendations – Cate Langley

Adapting maternity care for women with sensory impairment (SI) – Laura Mitchell

Respiratory illness, pneumonia and pregnancy: facilitating complex childbirth – Shannon L Sherriff

Midwives’ compliance with the standard precautions of infection control in the maternity setting – Bernice Scicluna, Josephine Attard

Labour & Birth

How do the words used by caregivers impact the pain perception of a labouring woman? – Jennie Morris, Sue Nyombi

Spontaneous rupture of membranes and potential use of reagent pads: midwives’ experiences and perspectives – Sara Borrelli, Sophie Harton, Gemma Poole et al

Challenges in achieving immediate skin-to-skin contact following birth by elective caesarean section: a narrative review of the literature – Leighann Kelly, Bruce Harper-McDonald

Childbearing – when complex may be the norm for some, and normal may be complex for others – Julia Bull

Could continuity of care models risk the decline of the midwifery-led unit? – Katherine Letley, Lottie Blunden


‘Including Dad’: supporting men to feel prepared in their transition to parenthood – Shelly Higgins, Elizabeth Glyn-Jones

The midwife’s role in undertaking the examination of the newborn, with particular focus on the hips – Helen Simpson

Neonatal & Infant Nutrition

Does a ‘biological nurturing’ approach reduce breastfeeding problems and how do midwives support women to prevent early cessation? – Beth Marron

Breastfeeding for women with a history of sexual abuse: the psychological, physical and cultural implications – Joanne Sharp

What are the current issues with infant feeding for mothers living with HIV in higher-income countries such as the UK? – Frances Culley  

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