MIDIRS has the world's largest midwifery specific reference database, containing over 30,000 maternity care abstracts.

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Our mission 

To be the leading international information resource relating to pregnancy, childbirth and infancy, disseminating this information as widely as possible to assist in the improvement of maternity care.

MIDIRS believes information is key to evidence-based practice. It’s not just about formal research – it’s really about expanding people’s views of what evidence is and helping them to create it, distribute it and use it to improve maternity health services.

Our aim is to create a maternity information and resource service that:

  • Is accessible and easy to use
  • Is responsive to changes in health care requirements
  • Encompasses all types of maternity care practitioners
  • Is recognised by educational and clinical institutions
  • Contributes to improvements in maternity services globally
  • Recognises health care professionals as the providers of evidence.