MIDIRS Literature Search packs

Maternity and Infant Care (MIC) is huge (it currently consists of over 300,000 records!), so we make it easier for you to get straight to the content you need by offering a series of pre-prepared literature Search Packs. These are completely free for subscribers, but can also be purchased individually if you don’t subscribe.


When you order a pre-prepared literature search pack, you need to type in the literature search pack code you wish to purchase. 

You can find all of our literature search packs in our brochure here.

If you are ordering more than one, please specify each code. 


Frequently asked questions

All our articles are sorted by our librarians together into groups – giving you quick and easy access to everything we have on a certain topic. For example, if one of our librarians finds a new article about the safety of home birth, they will assign it the code ‘MS5’ – which would direct it straight into the Home birth – safety Search Pack. If you were to order that particular Pack, you would receive the details of that article along with the many others our Information Team have assigned to it.

Each Search Pack provides you with a list of bibliographic references and article abstracts that help you decide if an article fits your needs.

You can then use this list of references to source full texts from your university or workplace library.

Almost everything you can think of – across more than 550 individual Search Packs. From broad topics such as breastfeeding (we have got more than 50 of these), to more specialist interest topics such as aromatherapy, coping strategies and resilience in midwifery, and even dummies! A list of all of our search packs can be found here.

There are also a number of 'archive' Search Packs which contain older articles on the same topic.

Subscribers to Maternity and Infant Care can view Search Packs as a series of interactive results, which they can filter to suit their requirements (by date or by source, for instance), access full-text articles where available. Non-subscribers will be emailed a PDF of the Search Pack, from which they will be able to access freely available articles online.

Where articles are freely available online, we provide a link to the relevant website.

Unfortunately, the costs of supplying downloadable full-text of articles that aren’t freely available are prohibitive. We would rather offer midwifery’s most comprehensive resource database for the best price.

For subscribers to Maternity and Infant Care, Search Packs (excluding bespoke search packs) are absolutely FREE to view and print.

Price list 

Pre-prepared literature search packs: £11.50 each

Professional subscriber bespoke search pack: £17.20

Student subscriber bespoke search pack: £13.70

Non-subscriber bespoke search pack: £23.00


Absolutely, would be delighted to consider requests for new topics. Simply let us know using our Contact Us page.