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The Maternity and Infant Care (MIC) database contains over 290,000 research abstracts to support your midwifery studies and research.

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Maternity and Infant Care (what you need to know) 

Type: Bibliographic 

Number of records: Over 290,000

Update frequency: Approximately 100 records per day added by our team of dedicated librarians

Coverage: earliest record is dated 1857, with comprehensive coverage from 1988 onwards

Subjects covered: Maternity services, midwifery profession and practice worldwide, pregnancy, labour and birth, postnatal health, and care of the infant up to six weeks, infant feeding, and more!

Journal coverage: Over 400 journals and other sources are available. You can find the full list here.

In a nutshell, the Maternity and Infant Care (MIC) database collates information and resources relating to midwifery. Whether it appears in an academic journal, in a government report, on a website or elsewhere, we catalogue it and create a record on our database. We currently have over 290,000 of these records, making our database the largest of its kind in the world. Midwives and midwifery students can rest assured that if it’s been written about, researched, reported on or debated, they’ll be able to find it on the Maternity and Infant Care (MIC) database.

A record consists of all the details you need to determine if an article is suitable to your needs. Typically this includes the title of the article, the author/s, journal volume and issue number, the abstract (if there isn’t one then we’ll write one), the type of content (ie. original research, commentary, and so on) and what format the information was produced in. If the article is freely available to read online, then we also provide a direct link to the content.

Our database is a comprehensive collection of the entire midwifery landscape. Having everything in one place means you don’t have to visit several databases or libraries, saving you a great deal of time and effort. Also, the details we provide in each record enable you to easily track the article down elsewhere.

While we would love to offer the full text of every article we catalogue, it just would not be financially viable for us or our subscribers. If you are a student, your university may supply downloadable full texts of midwifery articles, but universities charge huge fees and can thus meet the costs journal publishers charge for a full-text licence. We keep subscription costs low and focus on delivering a comprehensive service that provides midwives and students with everything they need in one place.

MIDIRS can supply full text of original articles printed in the MIDIRS Midwifery Digest. If you’re a member of the RCM, they may be able to provide you with copies of articles free of charge as a benefit of membership. Contact RCM here.

Online access to Maternity and Infant Care for institutes can be arranged separately via the information, software and service provider, Wolters Kluwer. To find out more, email: sales@wolterskluwer.com.

Maternity and Infant Care (MIC) is included with your MIDIRS Midwifery Digest. When you log in, you will be able to: 

  • Access over 290,000 maternity care research abstracts
  • Hundreds of pre-prepared literature search packs
  • Use reference details to get full research texts from the source
  • Use the reference details to link back to the full text, where available, online.

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