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Here at MIDIRS we pride ourselves on delivering high quality evidence based information resources to students and midwives. Our team of maternity research experts can provide you with the resources you need to embark on a successful midwifery career. 

A subscription to MIDIRS includes: 

  • Access to the world's largest midwifery specific database containing thousands of research abstracts to support your studies and research 
  • Delivery of the quarterly journal MIDIRS Midwifery Digest in either print of digital formats. 

We support midwives worldwide, ensuring they have access to the best and latest information resources available. 

Newly Qualified Midwife offer 

When you subscribe as a student midwife, you'll receive your MIDIRS subscription at student rate for one year with you become a newly qualified midwife! Find out more about the offer here. Subscribe now to benefit from this offer when you graduate.