The OASI Care Bundle – a lively topic for discussion

on 23 November 2020 Obstetric anal sphincter injury (OASI) is recognised as the most common cause of anal incontinence (AI) in childbearing-aged women (Marsh 2011), encompassing symptoms of flatus incontinence, passive soiling, incontinence of liquid or ...
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Research: Neonatal sepsis

on 16 December 2020 Neonatal sepsis is the cause of substantial morbidity and mortality with precise estimates of neonatal sepsis burden varying by setting.

Midwifery student workforce in the United Kingdom during COVID-19

on 07 October 2020 Midwifery is a demanding degree at the best of times, and for years this has been exacerbated by a lack of adequate financial support. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, midwifery students faced additional hardships and significant disruption ...